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Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Sag Harbor Car Service

The transportation option that you and your guests choose to get around will be a make it or break it aspect of your big day. Whether you are planning a wedding, prom or any other special event, identifying a suitable Sag Harbor car service is key. We’ll take a look at some common mistakes people make when booking a car service. Avoid these mistakes and you’ll enjoy every aspect of your trip.


If you want all to go well during your event, make sure you are dealing with professional service providers. Don’t rush into choosing the first Sag Harbor car service without doing enough background checks. Find out if they keep their word, work within the clients’ timelines and offer an affordable service. You can even ask for contacts of previous customers to find out if they can recommend the same service.


The Sag Harbor car service will give you a contract that outlines all the aspects of the transportation. If you want to avoid paying high service fees that you hadn’t budgeted for or paying for damages when an accident occurs, read the fine print and ensure it protects you as the consumer. Check the details such as the date, pickup and drop-off locations, cancellation and refund policies as well as the car make and model. Most importantly, ensure the car service has staff with insurance and licensing required in your area.


If you want your event to flow effortlessly from one venue to another, choose the timings wisely. Avoid rush hours at all costs. If the event is scheduled to start early morning or late evening, book the car hours prior to the event to avoid traffic and other delays. It’s better for guests to arrive a couple of minutes before time than end up getting stuck in traffic. You should also include an extra 20 or 30 minutes to cater for any delays.




Even before you rush to book the Sag Harbor car service, make sure you have a call sheet that has details of all your passengers. You will need information on their pickup and drop-off locations and time, directions to each of those destinations and any alternative routes that the driver can take. Having this beforehand will help your car service to provide you with a pleasant experience. Confirm all the details a week or a few days before the event.


Some modes of transport may look super stylish, creative or unique but they may not work well for the type of event or guests you are having. For instance, if you decide to book a motorcycle and many of your passengers will be dressed in gowns, it’s going to be hard for them to maneuver. If you can, visit the Sag Harbor car service and inspect the car in person. It will be better when you know the type of car you are paying for.


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